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Kung Fu

Kung fu is one of the most commonly used types of Chinese martial arts. In the Chinese language, kung fu means ‘achievement through investment in time and energy and through great efforts’. Kung fu is not only the art of self-defense, but also a philosophy of life. Kung fu helps to keep the body as well as the mind in shape. It brings the mind, body and spirit together. It makes people stronger mentally and physically.

The art of kung fu is nearly as old as Chinese culture. One can trace its origin beyond 1,500 years in the past. Since dates and details of Chinese history are often ambiguous and considered myths, most of kung fu's history is vague. In China, the basic methods of self-defense were converted into advanced methods of combat over time. These methods integrated fighting tactics with the principles of psychology, physiology, meditation and even medicines. The regular kung fu practice brings physical fitness as well as confidence in battle. It also brings clarity in thought processes and helps in spiritual awakening.

Kung fu evolved from the observation of Mother Nature. Kung fu masters often get their ideas about fighting techniques by studying their surroundings. Many styles of kung fu are adopted from the habits of animals, birds, and even insects. Chinese philosophy and religion also helped to develop kung fu. The kung fu masters created an inventory of techniques that help them to continue the journey of life with balance, elegance, confidence and strength of mind and body.

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