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Ggreek Properties

Owning property in Greece is simple and straightforward. Anybody, regardless of nationality, can be a property owner. Property in Greece is under the protection of the State (Greek Constitution: Article 17, paragraph 1); all property owners in the country have equal rights and responsibilities. All properties in Greece are freehold. A nationwide Land Registry is underway; some islands already have land registries, while properties in the other areas are registered in the Registry of Mortgages.

Buildings in Greece are designed and constructed in accordance with European Regulations and Standards, and they are in total compliance with stringent regulations for earthquake protection. There is a wide range of properties for sale in Greece. High-quality, off-plan construction projects are readily available alongside detached stone houses in the traditional Greek style or modern semi-detached villas and townhouses. In addition, compared to the property prices in Northern and Western Europe, Greek property still represents an excellent value.

Greece is known across the globe for its blessed climate, bright light and people who enjoy life to the fullest. We invite you to make our country your home away from home. Leptos Estates has a growing presence in Greece and the Greek Islands with the development of hotels, residential homes, luxury villas and holiday properties in Athens, Crete, Paros and Santorini. The decision to purchase land and property in Greece for investment, a holiday home, a permanent residence is never easy, especially in another country.

Finding the right company is a most important factor, a company you can rely on to give quality in design and workmanship, combined with a professional after sales property management service. Approaching almost half a century of quality and design in all its projects and able to boast of probably being the most respected developer in the Eastern Mediterranean, Leptos Estates is developing in Greece and the Greek islands, residential and holiday homes of distinction. Leptos Estates specialises in the design, construction and management of residential, tourist and other projects throughout Greece and Cyprus with offices in key locations throughout the country and has a highly qualified team of architects and engineers who will design and build your ideal home.

The large variety of properties in Greece together with the quality of design and construction and after sales management, which Leptos Estates offers you, ensures that all your requirements will be fulfilled.


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